Entrecôte is a locally owned restaurant, we bring you an international level of cuisine and the best steaks in Islamabad. We began with a mission to serve the best steaks in Islamabad cooked to perfection with high-quality fresh ingredients, meticulously selected to bring you the most flavorful and best steaks in Islamabad along with other fast food dishes.
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Post Mall building, F-7 Markaz (Jinnah Super), Islamabad

About Us
We imagine a future

Our Vision & Values

We have put a lot of time and effort into crafting flavorous dishes for you. We imagine a future where everyone gets to taste the best quality authentic steaks, fast food, burgers and drinks. That is why every day, we here at Entrecôte serve our guests’ high-end dishes made with the best quality fresh ingredients so everyone who eats here can have an unforgettable experience at our steakhouse and café, which is amongst the best restaurants in Islamabad.

We value in providing quality training to our employee so they not only know the food they are serving but share our passion with the valued customer as well.

We serve our guests only the finest food made from fresh high-quality ingredients.

Good food with good company

Pleasant Ambiance

Our restaurant is designed to give you the best experience for all occasions. Entrecôte has a proper setup, facilities and staff available for every occasion, so whether you are throwing a birthday party or a formal business dinner; just know that we have you covered. Our dining area has a comfortable homey environment perfect for family time with your loved ones. The interior is fully furnished in a uniquely modern way, designed to give you a quality experience you didn’t know you were missing. Our refined interior setup along with quality drinks has made us the best café in Islamabad.

At Entrecôte, our dining area is elegantly designed so that you can relax and have conversations with your loved ones or catch up with friends over some light background music.

enthusiasm and passion

Our People Come First

At Entrecôte, we approach every day with the same enthusiasm and passion that we had on our first day, which is why you are guaranteed to have a fulfilling experience every time you come by. We promise to greet you with a warm smile and serve you with respect and professionalism.

Here at Entrecôte steakhouse, we pride ourselves in our timely service making sure that the food does not take too long to reach you. You can pre-book a table by calling us, or you can go over to the welcome desk at Entrecôte and our staff will happily seat you at a table. Our kitchen prepares your meals fresh upon your order and makes it just how you like it. As soon as your food is ready, our staff places your dish in front of you so you can start indulging in the delicious steaks and the best burgers in Islamabad. We believe good food is a hallmark of any occasion, so here at the best restaurant and café in Islamabad; we wish to celebrate you and your life, one plate at a time.

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